About Us

Our Structure and the Practice Groups

The Firm currently consists of 3 partners, 2 legal assistant and 1 para-legal who collectively have been in active legal practice for about 30 years with an additional of 5 reliable support staff. The Firm provides a wide range of services under various practice groups comprising the Corporate and Commercial Practice Group, Banking Practice Group, Litigation Practice Group and Conveyancing Practice Group. Each practice group in our Firm is strategically organized and headed by a partner experienced in that particular area of law.


Practice Group :

1. Corporate and Commercial Practice Group

2. Banking Practice Group (both Islamic and Conventional)

3. Litigation Practice Group

4. Conveyancing Practice Group


Our Approach

Admittedly, each law firm has their unique and individual approach in managing its clients and this would definitely distinguish one law firm from another. We have opted for a team-based approach and would at all times strive to protect, preserve and forward our clients’ interests.

1. Adding value

2. A team, not an individual

3. A long term working relationship